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  • Pornassio Superiore

    Region : Liguria

    Firm wine with woody and black fruit aromas. Perfect pairing with a rabbit with Ligurian olive Taggiasche.

  • Vigilius, Teroldego Rotaliano

    Region : Trentino-alto-adige

    Named after the family’s ancestor, Vigilius is a wine with velvety tannins, an intense and complex bouquet of red fruits, balsamic aromas and caramel. Perfect pairing with beef stew.

  • Barolo Serralunga

    Region : Piemonte

    Large and complex wine with spicy aromas and leather notes. Perfect pairing with doe fillet.

  • Barolo Marenca

    Region : Piemonte

    Only two Barolo domains produce the prestigious Cru Marenca: Luigi Pira and the house Gaja. Barolo Marenca is a robust wine with a complex bouquet of undergrowth, chocolate and vanilla. To be opened one to two hours before service. Perfect pairing doe fillet and ceps.

  • Cordenossa

    Region : Friuli-venezia-giulia

    Made from an ancient indigenous grape variety called Cordenossa, Ros Di San Zuàn is a lively red wine with intense fruitiness. Perfect pairing with veal stew.

  • Cannonau

    Region : Sardegna

    An everyday wine, typical of Mamoiada, which makes it irresistible to drink. This is how Simone Sedilesu, a young wine passionate and trained oenologist, describes his natural red wine. Powerful, tannic and full-bodied, we find a Cannonau with irresistible aromas of red and black fruits, and hints of liquorice. The Vike Vike estate, located in the heart of Sardinia, in Mamoiada, dedicates an incredible passion to this grape, with a production of only 10.000 bottles per year. Perfect pairing with Hot Sausage Malloreddus pasta.

  • Antiogu, Mandrolisai Superiore

    Region : Sardegna

    Antiogu is an elegant Superior Mandrolisai with character, and has complex aromas of black fruits, vanilla, and spices.

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  • Nero d'Avola

    Region : Sicilia

    THE reference grape in Sicily has its aficionados and that's thanks to its velvety texture and its beautiful acidity which allows the wines to age well. Claudia and Andrea's version is enchanting. We discover an astonishing freshness, even a slight astringency: the result of the cool nights enjoyed by the estate, at an altitude of 400 meters.

    Ripe fruits, notes of leather and bitter orange await your palate. To slide on deli meats or meat stews. Or to forget in the cellar, to rediscover it perhaps in a decade!

  • Schioppettino

    Region : Friuli-venezia-giulia

    One of Italy's great, but little-known wines, Schioppettino is an indigenous variety from Friuli with a centuries-old history. Thanks to its unmistakeable hint of pepper, which it shares with great wines such as Syrah, it is a natural accompaniment to any dish. A red wine with little tannin and pleasant acidity, it goes well with red meats, meat skewers, wild game and cheeses.