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  • Likos, Aglianico del Vulture

    Region : Basilicata

    The Likos is named after the Lyki, an ancient population from Anatolia, established in this region of Southern Italy, itself named Lucania. Likos is a thick wine, with an enchanting aroma of black fruit and roasted notes. Perfect pairing with herbed-stuffed lamb roll.

  • Selection "Extinct Volcanos"

    Region : Discovery-selection

    From north to south, Italy is full of splendid volcanic lands, in addition to those of active volcanoes. These very particular soils confer unique properties to the wines, such as a minerality that takes on very diverse hues.

    The proof with three wines contained in this selection :

    The Vespaiolo, an indigenous white grape from Breganze, Veneto appellation area.

    The Cavarosso, a dry red produced from the semi-aromatic Aleatico grape, on the slopes of Bolsena' Lake, the largest volcanic lake in Europe, in Lazio; an explosive contrast of aromaticity and minerality.

    The Likos, produced from the Aglianico grape on the slopes of the volcanic Mount Vulture, in Basilicata.

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