Likos, Aglianico del Vulture - 2019


Cepage Aglianico

Appelation Aglianico del Vulture DOC

Vigneron Mastrodomenico

red Red

The Likos is named after the Lyki, an ancient population from Anatolia, established in this region of Southern Italy, itself named Lucania. Likos is a thick wine, with an enchanting aroma of black fruit and roasted notes. Perfect pairing with herbed-stuffed lamb roll.


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For the degustation

Moment Gift, Dinner with friends, One-to-one dinner

Garde Garde : 10 ans

Alcohol rate 14.0

Temperature 18°-20

Volume 0.75

Number of bottles Number of bottles : 5.000

Pairings Pasta with pork meat - Lamb - Young goat - Game - Bird game - Meat - Rôti de boeuf - Beef stew

Profile of this wine






Wine making

The grapes are hand-harvested and selected on the vine in the second half of October, when they have reached optimum phenolic maturity. Vinification in ancient tufa caves, perfect for preserving the wine thanks to constant temperature and humidity. Over the years, vintage after vintage, the yeasts have been absorbed by the rock in the tufa caves, saturating the environment and allowing fermentation to take place almost spontaneously, as soon as the grapes enter the cellar. Fermentation of the must with temperature-controlled skin maceration for around 15 days, followed by gentle pressing. Aged first in stainless steel vats and then in second-use barrels for 12 months. Final phase of bottle ageing for around 4 months.


Ground : Volcanic

Climate : Mild

Terroir :

The vineyards are located in Acquarossa (literally "red water"), a name that reflects the presence of iron in the soil. The vineyards are set at an altitude of 350 metres on the western slopes of Mount Vulture, an ancient extinct volcano. The volcanic soil lends a distinctive minerality to the wines.




Set along a small hill that offers a splendid panorama on the hillsides of Mount Vulture, an ancient extinct volcano, the eight hectares of vineyards (all dedicated to the Aglianico grape) of the Mastrodomenico enjoy ideal conditions that allow it to organic viticulture: optimal sunlight, constant ventilation and large thermal deviations. The toponymy of the locality that houses the vineyards is also indicative of its iron-rich soil: Acquarossa (literally the “red water”).

Created as a wine company five generations ago, the estate acquired a winery in 2005, under the impetus of Domenico Mastrodomenico, a professor of rural techniques, from Puglia who came to join his wife in Basilicata.

The wine storehouse itself is a witness to the region’s exciting history. Located on a section of the Via Appia Antica, in an area once populated by Greeks and Romans who started the cultivation of the vine there, the village of Barile was founded by Greek-Albanian migrants fleeing Ottoman incursions and whose troglodyte dwellings marked the territory. These hillsides niches are now used as conservation areas or as wineries, like the Mastrodomenico. These caves ensure constant temperature and humidity throughout the year.

The Mastrodomenico estate is now passing the baton to the new generation thanks to Emanuela. If she initially assisted her father in the administrative and communication aspects, Emanuela, a law graduate, now also lends a hand in the vines.

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