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  • Nero d'Avola

    Region : Sicilia

    THE reference grape in Sicily has its aficionados and that's thanks to its velvety texture and its beautiful acidity which allows the wines to age well. Claudia and Andrea's version is enchanting. We discover an astonishing freshness, even a slight astringency: the result of the cool nights enjoyed by the estate, at an altitude of 400 meters.

    Ripe fruits, notes of leather and bitter orange await your palate. To slide on deli meats or meat stews. Or to forget in the cellar, to rediscover it perhaps in a decade!

  • Murgentia Bianco

    Region : Sicilia

    Unseen: the "Bianco" version of Cerasuolo di Vittoria, namely two native black grape varieties, vinified as white wine. White? Wait. What?! The bouquet is therefore mainly influenced by the soil. This one, clayey with a dominant sandy and rich in stones, brings to the wine its beautiful freshness. With notes of Mediterranean maquis and fruit, here is a bottle to enjoy with a seafood platter.

  • Biancomilo di Caselle, Etna Bianco Superiore

    Region : Sicilia

    Here is an Etna Bianco Superiore worthy of the name. Remember that Sive Natura is located on the eastern slope of the volcano, where the harsher climate, with significant temperature differences, gives the wines intense aromas.

    Produced on a parcel perched at an altitude of 900 meters and facing the forest, this great white is exceptionally fresh! A beautiful structure, mineral without being acidic, with, on the finish, a flinty side typical of Mamma Etna.

    A false white to serve at 16 degrees and to die for with a sea bass carpaccio.

  • Carricante di San Giovanni

    Region : Sicilia

    Does the Carricante grape variety speak to you? Between two lava flows, it has always been cultivated on the old terraces of the volcano. Formerly vinified as a blend with other local white grape varieties (such as Minnella and Inzolia), it is now appreciated in its purity.

    Like here, with this Carricante di San Giovanni, which exudes remarkable minerality and tension.

  • Nerello dei Cento Cavalli

    Region : Sicilia

    A surprising volcanic red, dominated by Nerello Mascalese (rather rare on the eastern side of the mountain), with a touch of Nerello Cappuccio. With supple tannins, it offers unexpected freshness and intense notes of undergrowth.

    The vines are located near the largest and oldest chestnut tree in Europe! Its imposing foliage is said to have allowed Queen Joan of Aragon and her retinue, made up of 100 horses (hence the name of the wine) and knights, to shelter during a storm.

  • "Sicilia Orientale" Wine box

    Region : Sicilia

    A box of 6 bottles to discover two sublime terroirs of eastern Sicily, including the appellations "Cerasuolo di Vittoria" and "Etna Bianco". Wines from artisans who cultivate with passion and vinify as masters.

  • Frappato

    Region : Sicilia

    We are not surprised by the probable etymology of the name "Frappato", dialectal derivative for "fruity". Surprisingly complex, despite its freshness, and pleasantly velvety. As much to warn you: the bottle will empty quickly after opening. Perfect match with a fish couscous (tested and approved).

  • Cerasuolo di Vittoria

    Region : Sicilia

    The only Sicilian DOCG. An elegant red with aromas of cherry, strawberry and pomegranate, a mix of two distinctive Sicilian grape varieties: Nero d'Avola and Frappato.

    The traditional technique of complantation (mixing varieties in the same vineyard) has been banned for new vines, primarily because the varieties do not mature together, resulting in a blend quality that is too dependent on vintages.

    Except here, at the northern limit of the "Cerasuolo di Vittoria" appellation area. The microclimate enjoyed by the Valle delle Ferle vineyard, at an altitude of 400m, allows equal ripening times and therefore preserves its heritage of old vines. We understand better why the young winemaker couple fell in love with the place.