Malga Ribelle

The Malga Ribelle vineyard covers just one and a half hectares, in the hills of Prosecco de Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Its story began in 2015, after Vitale Girardi obtained his master’s degree in oenology and agronomy and accumulated several experiments as an oenologist and agronomy consultant in many areas of the region as well as abroad. He then took over part of the vineyards that once belonged to his grandfather.

From the outset, its aim is to make it a closed-circuit operation, intended for sustainable, quality and innovative agricultural production but in the wake of the local peasant tradition. Vitale thus raises vines, but also dairy cows intended to produce a selection of cheeses with raw milk. In a closed production cycle, manure produced by cows is used to fertilize the land and is applied in the winter to restore soil fertility and vitality.

  • Vitale, Prosecco Colfondo

    Region : Veneto

    Vitale Col Fondo (literally 'with deposit') is a sparkling wine, refermented in the bottle, unclarified and unfiltered, as was the tradition of Prosecco before it became a great sparkling wine. Dry and fresh, the Vitale (first name of its author) reveals delicate aromas of fruit and bread crusts. Resulting from micro-production, there are barely more than 5,000 bottles for this cuvée! Perfect pairing with fried fish.