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To please your father-in-law at the next family meal, opt for these elegant and slightly “serious” wines:

The Pinot Bianco from the Friulian estate Ermacora, marked with the seal of elegance.

The Empeiria, a beautiful Merlot from a cold climate - here we are in Trentino.

The Ramandolo Roncat, produced from Verduzzo friulano: late harvest and fermentation in barrels that give life to a dessert wine full of finesse.

Beware: your stepfather may not be able to do without you!

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This pack contains

Mosto - Ermacora - Pinot Bianco / Pinot Blanc
Pinot Bianco
Empeiria Rosso, Merlot
Mosto - Giovanni Dri - Ramandolo Roncat
Ramandolo Roncat

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