About us

Mosto represents independent Italian winemakers,
Who cultivate and vinify local varieties from all corners of Italy,
With care and passion,
By expressing the richness of their singular terroirs,
With respect for nature and mankind,
To surprise by their diversity and seduce by their personality.


Earth. Everything starts from here. And an irrepressible desire to remind us that the wine stems from it. For, far from the luxury product that it has become, wine remains, above all, a product of agriculture.

Making good wine, as much as appreciating it to its fair value, therefore means understanding its land of origin and respecting its terroir.

This is why our wine catalogue is intended to reflect the diversity and richness of the terroirs of Italy. We believe that this diversity contributes to the beauty of the Peninsula: a mosaic of very different climates and soils, where hundreds of indigenous grape varieties rooted in the history and culture grow in each region.

In order to better know, understand and therefore appreciate the heritage of these terroirs, we travel Italy tirelessly. We have thus visited each estate we represent, which enables us to guarantee healthy, sustainable and reasoned wine-making practices upstream of the sector. Organic wine-making increasingly occupies a place in our selection.


Châteaux, Grand Crus and other catchy titles... it is often overlooked that the reverse side of their Medals hides a huge business, in the hands of large groups who brew to excess and above all to the detriment of the small ones, even though the latter form the real cultural, economic and social fabric of the territories.

By choosing to work exclusively with independent small producers, artisanal winemakers who are dedicated to the vine and the cellar, we make a choice: not that of a uniform and monochrome world, nor that of low price and quantity, but that of authenticity and artisanal quality, the choice of a society where the role of the individual in its diversity is valued.

As we meet and interact, these winemakers become more than our suppliers. They are our partners, our friends. Their micro-productions are the fruit of their passion, their work and their know-how. These women and men, in love with their countryside, are not afraid to get their hands dirty. This symbiosis between nature and manual work is underlined by the name of our "Mosto” project, the must, i.e. the juice of the grape that has just been crushed and which is about to ferment to become wine. It is a reminder of this magical moment, at the intersection of two worlds of the artisan winegrower: the vine and the cellar.


Being anchored in his land does not mean producing the wine of our grandfathers (peace to their souls)! Nor even dad’s: classic, even conformist. We put away the dusty oenology and send prejudices about Italian wine (no, there's not only Chianti in life). Our selection is meant to be an expression of today's local realities. We will not be surprised to find more and more natural vinifications in our catalogue, among other examples.

No mention of "easy" or catch-all wines. On the contrary, we want to meet those who are looking for “something else” and wishing to learn Italian wine again. In the image of our craftsmen-winemaker, our wines are therefore honest, with a very singular personality… off the beaten path.

All imported in short circuit and, for almost all of them, exclusively for Belgium, our wines are selected by Alessandra Teston. The daughter of Italian restaurateurs in Brussels, her family is one of the pioneers of Italian gastronomy in the capital and has herself had to face a few clichés (no, Italian cuisine is not just pasta and pizza!). Alessandra was formed in oenology in parallel with her career in public relations. But when you have grown up in love with good food, it is difficult to ignore the fact that you belong to this universe. She created Mosto in 2016 and travelled Italy, which she has been exploring since her childhood, this time in search of gems to be unveiled abroad. Advised by her father and Chef, she attaches great importance to the food-wine pairing, this aspect is also pushed in Mosto's approach.

The search for wines that surprise, is the basis of regional ranges that come from off the beat and track. Thus, the Piedmontese selection explores not only the Langhe, but also and above all, the Upper Piedmont, lesser known, yet elegant and captivating. But Mosto’s favourite region is the one where Alessandra’s parents came from: Friuli. No wonder, then, that Mosto offers one of the most beautiful and complete selections.

More than an importer, Mosto is an invitation to (re) discover the wines of another Italy.