Since 1970, the family estate Lupinc, located near Trieste, on the border of Slovenia and Croatia, has been one of the first to bottle great Karst wines. At the foot of the Dinaric Alps, the land is rich, but difficult to cultivate, putting a strain on the winegrowers. The Lupinc family, through its knowledge of the soil, its unique know-how and its perseverance, has overcome these obstacles. The result - a unique combination of earth, stone, sea, sun and wind - is truly incredible. We obtain high quality wines, surprising, tasty, with varied aromatic profiles, and, unsurprisingly, often award-winning.

  • Malvasia DOC Carso

    Region : Friuli-venezia-giulia

    A 100% Malvasia Istriana single varietal, with complex notes of exotic fruits, aromatic herbs and pastry. A captivating white wine, slightly fatty, with a production of only 3,000 bottles per year.

  • Terrano

    Region : Friuli-venezia-giulia

    A 100% Terrano single varietal, an indigenous variety of Caucasian origin, belonging to the Refoschi family. An elegant red wine, fresh, tannic and vivid, with a fruity finish. It is one of the most typical wines of the Carso terroir. Perfect pairing with Proscuitto crudo del Carso.

  • Vitovska

    Region : Friuli-venezia-giulia

    A 100% Vitovska single varietal, delicate, fresh, well structured and with a beautiful velvety texture. A white wine with aromas of pear, apple-quince and sage, with a little bitterness in the aftertaste, and a slightly salty finish. Perfect pairing with fish-based aperitifs.