de Tarczal

It is a noble story that of the de Tarzcal family wine estate. The land that it cultivates once belonged to the counts Alberti and was given in dowry to Gèza Dell’Adami de Tarczal, admiral of the Austro-Hungarian Imperial Fleet and its direct ancestor. There, the Marzemino is grown and vinified. It is an emblematic vine of Trentino since the half of the 17th century. Four hundred years later, Elena de Tarczal is proudly continuing this beautiful family legacy.

  • Husar Selezione, Marzemino

    Region : Trentino-alto-adige

    Named in honour of the Hussard officer of the Austro-Hungarian cavalry, Géza Dell’Adami de Tarczal, ancestor of the owners of the estate. The Husar Selezione (old vineyards) is a full wine, with characteristic aromas of violet. Perfect with a red blueberry risotto.