Antonella Pacchiarotti

The slogan of the winemaker Antonella Pacchiarotti is unambiguous: “Aleatico per Passione.” To say that Antonella is passionate about the Aleatico grape variety is even a euphemism. Since 1988, she has grown only this semi-aromatic grape variety, which she has declined in different versions: Dry white, rosé, dry red and sweet red.

The Antonella vineyards are located at an altitude of approximately 500 meters in the resort of Grotte di Castro and overlook Lake Bolsena, the largest volcanic lake in Europe. Moreover, it is the contrast between this extremely mineral soil and the aromaticity of the grape variety that gives life to very intriguing wines.

To this uniqueness, Antonella added an elegance that could be described as feminine. It may not be a coincidence that her wine storehouse is established in what seems to be an ancient Etruscan cave, dedicated to the cult of Turan, the goddess of love.